Monday, March 8, 2010

Trudging On

Here's the progress this past week on my projects.

This week I have made some headway with my novel. I finished chapter two and am working on the third chapter. Thank you to the girls in the writing club! You're feedback and encouragement means so much to me.

I have been more consistent with my guitar practice. I find it's a use it or lose it skill, so I better keep it up. :)

I didn't work on my painting this past week though. :( I MUST get more canvass! No more procrastinating!

This week I plan to finish chapter three, get more canvass, and keep working on my timing when practicing guitar. It's also been beautifully foggy the past few days. I'd like to get out with my real camera (sorry iPhone camera, you're okay but not great) and get some shots before the weather changes.

Keep you all posted.


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