Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Parlour

I was very excited this week to formalize plans for the formation of a steampunk/creative group, with a few other artistic friends. We are dressing up in Victorian attire and gathering to drink tea and absinthe, eat tiny sandwiches and desserts and encourage each other in our creative projects. Right now it's just a few people, and it may expand to others, but we will see how the first meeting goes and take things from there. It's important also I think, that everyone is comfortable with each other, as creativity flourishes in a safe environment. So we are keeping it small for now. Also, my living room (sorry, parlour) can only hold so many people. We dubbed it The Parlour of Outrageous Persons, then realized the acronym could be POOP - much hilarity ensued! After all we don't take ourselves very seriously.

When it comes to my own creative work, I found I am getting more painting done now that I am working at home. I've set up my work area and progress is being made! Paintings are getting done, which feels great. I'm also happy to be back to be back to blogging again.

Work in progress

Thanks to everyone for their support over the past few months. It's been crazy, but the love of friends and family have really helped.

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  1. I read and loved Perdido Street Station. The images that book conjured! The POOP in Victorian attire sounds like so much fun. Way to go Lou! I wish I had a parlour now :)