Monday, January 31, 2011

Tea and hats

Last week was the first meeting of the new artist collective the Parlour of Outrageous Persons, held at my place. The dresscode was steampunk attire and/or a silly hat. There were a couple of very fabulous hats i must say! We drank tea and had cupcakes and tiny sandwiches during our meeting - very proper.

Setting up for the parlour

Later we tried the absinthe. It isn't sweetened, so you have to add sugar. You can either put a sugar cube on the absinthe spoon over the glass and pour water over (the French method), or you can light the cube of sugar on fire and drop it into the glass lighting the liquid. Then you douse the flame with water. (Bohemian method). Either way it's really strong so it has to be diluted. It tastes liquoricey, and I recommend three sugar cubes personally, then it's actually quite good.

Absinthe and traditional spoon

I was amazed and impressed by the wonderful creativity that was shared. It was really an honour to be part of such an amazing group of creative women. I hope next month's parlour will be just as succesful!


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  1. It sounds like the Bohemian method has the potential to be a spectacular disaster. Polyester hats not recommended :)