Saturday, March 19, 2011


I've been inspired to revamp my blog recently. I've changed up the look and the title to better reflect the bent that it has been heading in recently. I'm finding that I'm getting into the Neo-Victorian/steampunk aesthetic more, and I thought the blog could use a focus, rather than my random ramblings.
I also have been inspired by a blog that my amazing friend Chloe turned me on to (thanks girl). It's called the Ultimate Goth Guide, it's listed under the blogs I follow, so check it out. I admire the author for her commitment to daily posts on all things goth. Her writing is well thought out and informative. Definitely an inspiration! Right now my goal is weekly posts, never mind daily. :)

This week I checked out a relatively newer store in Osborne Village called Hungover Empire. I have felt a sad void in my shopping life since the Crypt closed and was hoping to find something that might help fill it. The store is smaller than the Crypt and has more of a focus on vintage wear. It does have a selection of rockabilly, and some goth wear and I did see some pretty cool goggles, and clothes that could fit into a steampunk style. I also saw a couple of skirts I really liked, and will have to go back again to see what else I can find, as it was just a quick visit. They actually had a flash sale today - 2 for one, for an hour, which I sadly missed. I think it's a great idea and I hope they do it again. I found the service to be friendly and am very glad to see a store again for the alternative scene in Winnipeg.

Please let me know what you think of the look for the new site, and of any suggestions for topics.

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  1. I like the new look Lou! It’s a pleasant parlour :)

  2. Hello =) I had a few hits from this blog and the name intrigued me so I thought I would pop by! Thanks very much for the kudos, I will be lurking around here a lot in future I think ^^