Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm beginning to think I could really use a parasol. I'm very fair and burn super easily, and while I wear sunscreen religiously, I think a parasol would only help me, especially as we are now getting towards the sunnier part of the year.

It's too bad they went out of fashion in the 1920's, when tanning became all the rage. While parasols have been around in various forms for centuries, they became a popular fashion item for well to do ladies in the early 19th century. At first the ribs were made from whale bone (poor whales), :(. Then in the 1840s they started making them from steel, which also made them easier to mass produce. They were a staple item for ladies of leisure, to keep their pallor, as tanning was for people that actually had to work.

While most might consider them impractical these days, I am all for them. First there's the aforementioned benefit of keeping the sun away. Not because I want to look like I am pampered and lazy, but because I'd rather avoid sun damage to the skin. Sunburns are not fun!
Secondly, I think they are amazingly beautiful and unique items. There are so many styles from pretty delicate oriental designs to basic black, to ones edged with lace and faux fur. I personally hope to find one just for me on my visit to London next month.
Let mission parasol begin! :)

This parasol I think is impractical but lovely.

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  1. I have two parasols but I am very nervous about using them - I live in a small town full of imbeciles and am paranoid that someone will think it's funny to try to break my gorgeous parasols =(

  2. I know! I really want one, but am worried about people's reactions. I live in a medium sized city, but it's not always the most friendly to differences. I hope to find a great parasol in Camden town, in London, when I go next month. I know you are not in that area, but have you been to Camden town? Any recommendations?

  3. I have a gorgeous Chinese paper one I got in at Folk Fest, I got a lot of compliments on it. I say damn the losers and use one all you like!

  4. Great article on parasols!

    I live in a small-ish town and I find that my parasols get lots of compliments, even from mainstream people. Most people actually think it's smart (it's VERY hot and sunny here in Southern California). I say go for it! You deserve to do whatever makes you feel comfortable and pretty. You could always start with an inexpensive one until you are comfortable with how people will react.

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  5. Hi, I create beautiful parasols. Come and have a look at them if you would like...
    I am know as the Parasol Lady and I live in Aus. Its always nice to "meet" others with similar taste. I live in a smallish town, and I think it needs eccentrics, so I use my parasols. Kreepy Kris