Thursday, March 24, 2011

Steampunk Music part 1

Steampunk music is a genre that is still in many ways defining itself. There aren't a lot of artists out there I would categorize under this term at the moment, but there are some I definitely enjoy, and hope there will be more. So what is Steampunk music? There is a fair amount of debate about this. But like the aesthetic style, I would say a commonality is that they combine traditional instruments, (ie. stringed instruments, like violin and cello), with contemporary elements (like industrial dance). Some artists lean more towards the industrial end and some more towards the traditional end.

One of my favorite Steampunk bands is Abney Park from Seattle, Washington. I think they are probably the best known Steampunk band and are helping to define the emerging genre.
They formed in 1997 as an industrial/gothic band and released six albums in this musical style. In 2006 they underwent line up changes, and re-emerged with in their current Steampunk style.

They wrote a fictional bio to explain the transformation of their band, a story in which they are pirates from an airship named Ophelia. They use this fictional account as the basis for the lyrics in there work. In this new form, they have released three albums - Lost Horizons in 2008, Aether Shanties in 2009, and End of Days in 2010.
While I'm not a big fan of the pirate references, I do enjoy the music itself. I would encourage anyone with an interest in Steanpunk to check them

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