Thursday, April 14, 2011

The dear old Earl

It's getting cold tonight, (down to a chilly -4 in April) so I thought I would brew myself a cup of one of my favorite teas - Earl grey.

There's something very comforting about a cup of tea. For me coffee is a morning drink, a beverage to give a boost, but tea is a drink I turn to in the evening, when I need to relax and wind down. I guess it's a result of my upbringing. My mother is English and true to the stereotype, tea was a constant presence in the house. Any problem could be eased by a cup of tea - from a stressful day to a broken heart.

Over the years I've tried many different varieties, but I keep coming back to the tried and true, the dear old Earl. Named after the 2nd Earl of Grey, British prime minister From 1830-34, he had the tea blend made to offset the lime tinted water at his estate.

ps. Prime Minister Grey oversaw the abolition of slavery in the British empire in 1833 :)

The Earl Grey blend is black tea with orange bergamot rind. His wife Lady Grey served it when entertaining during his time in office, and visitors loved the blend. She decided to see if it could be sold, and the British tea company Twinnings picked It up. There is also a Lady Grey blend which has lemon as well as bergamot, I must try it some time.
Maybe I'll serve Lady Grey at the next parlour then me and the ladies can try it together.

Side Note
I must warn my readers that in 10 days I will be going for a three week holiday to England, to visit family and enjoy the sites. I intend to keep blogging, but it might take a slightly different turn for those weeks, so bear with me. For those of you that live there or have been there, any suggestions on things to do and see?

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