Wednesday, April 27, 2011

London and yogurt

I'm really tired this evening, from another day of touring the sites. It was an exhausting but fun. So here's just a few picks from the day out.

Kew Gardens

This Jade Vine in the Palm house looks very exotic.


I also have to say I developed a passion for English yogurt on my last visit, and am revisiting this obsession again. It's so much better than the North American stuff! So creamy and yummy! My favorites are Lemon Curd and Devonshire Toffee. I wish I could take some on the plane with me for home. But alas, I will just have enjoy this perishable treat while I'm here.

Tomorrow Stonehenge and Bath. :)

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  1. Oh gods - Lemon curd yogurt! I have a love on for all that is lemon and that sounds absolutely divine. It's really not that hard to outdo the NA stuff because of all that low fat/no fat junk they put out. I'll take the fat over the processed nature and added sugar any day.
    Greek yogurt goes a long way to filling that gap, but it isn't as readily available as the other stuff and, as far as I know, it doesn't come in any tasty flavours. :(