Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding and effigies

First off, I'd like to thank Juliet at Julietslace for the versatile blogger nomination! Thanks for this! :)
I'd also like thank those that made comments recently. I really appreciate the kind words feedback. :)

Today I made my way into central London, with a friend, to try and see the procession. We got off the tube at Green Park and tried to make our way to St James Park but it was already barricaded off at 8am when we arrived. So we ended up staying in Green Park and watching all the action the big screen. It was a bit strange knowing that Buckingham Palace was just minutes away, but we couldn't get there. On the bright side, we were able to get a spot on the grass and watch it all, while getting up for snacks and the loo when needed.

The atmosphere was great, and everyone was in a very festive mood. I have to say Brits know how to party!

Did you do anything to celebrate the wedding today?

Later in the day we went to the V&A (Victoria and Albert museum). I think I'm becoming obsessed with effigies. I love the Idea of ones image on top of a tomb, shown resting. It would give people an idea of what you looked like, and what your interests were. Your effigy could be holding a book, or a guitar, or show you dressed in your finery. I think they could be very personal and would make cemeteries even more interesting than they already are. What do you think? If you had an effigy, what would it be like?
I think I would have my arms crossed holding a book, a paint brush and a guitar pick.

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  1. You're welcome :)
    Wasn't it wonderful? I nearly cried when Kate went down the aisle.

  2. I loved it when Will leaned over to Kate at the start of the ceremony and said "you look beautiful".

  3. That was so sweet :) it was nice when Harry took a sneaky peak and turned to Will and said: "She looks amazing"