Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tiny top hats!

Today I thought I'd post some pictures of one of my favorite accessories - the tiny top hat. Sadly, like the parasol, I do not own one. I must hunt one down post haste! One of the other parlour ladies (the delightful Ms. Chloe), has a most jolly one. It makes me want one to!
I have been lent a larger top hat, and I do like it, but nothing is quite so charming as a small hat on a ladies head.
What is your take on these hats - love them?, hate them? Think they're silly?


I'd love the one below in black.

This might be just slightly too tiny.

Again in black this would be nice, although it's a little large.

And now for a litter of teeny weeny hats.

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  1. I think that ones that are slightly too small to be worn without pins/headbands/etc are the best...but I wear ones about the size of teacups because theyre sweet,

  2. I have a teeny-tiny top hat that I keep modifying. Right now it has a purple bow and sewing needles stuck through the hatband. It's fun for special occasions, but a bit twee for every day. If I had a larger one, like the fourth one down, I'd probably wear it more.

  3. I have collected 2 (so far) since starting Tiny Hats Weekly. I love the Hello Kitty Cowboy hat I have, but I have no idea when I should wear it. Etsy has much better quality craftsmen than most the mainstream stores.