Friday, April 1, 2011

Vampire Body Wash

I was in the drugstore yesterday morning looking for something entirely different, when there at the end of an aisle, amongst the discounted stock, I saw this. Vampire body wash. Yep, and body lotion, and body spray. It was so horribly cheesy I had to get it. There's the full moon forbidden body lotion, and the eclipse shimmering body spray. I guess so you can shimmer like those Twilighty vampires or something.

This is obviously marketed at the teen Twihard set. I have to say though I do like the bottles. They are delightfully gothy. I am disappointed though in the contents. The body wash has almost no smell and is clear. If I made a vampire body wash it would be blood red and have an exotic spicy woodsy smell, not just the faint scent of vanilla. I can't imagine a bloodthirsty immortal wanting to smell like an old cookie.
If you made a vampire body wash, what would it smell/look like?

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  1. If I was a vampire it would need to have some sort of fruit smell. If it smelled bloody I'd go around hungry all the time. And fruit smells nice.

    As for the look! A transparent red and or purple gel type substance. Black and red label. And I'd name it. STOP the ROTTEN!

  2. I would have a blood red or a cherry red shower gel/ wash, and scent it with cherries, amber, or the Dior Addict perfume, and that reminds me of lucious, decadent vampires. Perhaps with a subtle shimmer to make you glow (Not sparkle. Those Twilighters do that already)

  3. Well... there are things that it could smell like that would be so much more appropriate that wouldn't be at all attractive. Like "Old Tome".

    But I think that if it had some classic scent, and my suggestion may sound off, like the combo of lavender and rose petals mixed with an earthy note like sandalwood or something, that it could work nicely.

    I know that vampire lore is abound in all cultures in some shape or form but I always come back to the European/Victorian ones, probably because they're the archetype I find most appealing. Hence the scent combo.

    I would want something that evokes images of ladies getting ready for a ball, or going out to shop for a new pair of gloves on a sunny day - holding their parasols so as not to keep their pale complexions. Of lace and elegance.

    And I'd put them in glass bottles.

  4. If I made a vampire body wash I would make it blue to enhance my pale compexion and scent it with mint and apples for a cool fruity combination of smells.

  5. I want those too <3 Looks so cool. But I think they wont sell those in Finland :/ Unfortunately.

  6. Cinnamon Rose. Don't ask my why.

  7. I am defintely on your team, Lou - thick, dark red goop, all the way. I'd for sure use blood orange as the base, and maybe a hint of red wine/grape and notes of rosewater. That sounds like it would smell disgusting, but at least it wouldn't sparkle.