Monday, April 18, 2011

Voodoo Doll

This weekend I hung out with my best friend Rheina (I've known her since I was 2 - we call each other fetus friends). She just came back from her honeymoon in New Orleans, and very thoughtfully brought me back the cutest voodoo doll! It is a love voodoo doll, a positive doll. I named him Beaubichez. It sounded French and upbeat, and cute - just like the little poppet.

I'm loving the red bat wings and the tiny stitched on heart!

When people think of voodoo dolls, they think of the Hollywood shows and movies where people stick pins in dolls, that represent someone, in order to hurt them. In New Orleans voodoo (in Haitian Voudun, dolls are rarely used) pins are used to attach a picture or name to the doll. The dolls are used primarily in positive magic for prosperity, health and love. They can be used in negative magic to, but this is not as common.

Whatever your belief about these little dolls (magical amulets, or tourist trinkets) there are some cute ones out there.

This one is to help your electronic devices.

Witchy ones!

Awww..a little vampire one.

What are your thoughts on voodoo dolls?

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  1. Sooo cuuute! I love voodoo dolls - both the good and the bad. There is just something so fascinating about them.

  2. I agree with Chloris - fascinating. I have a little ninja voodoo doll on my keys. =)

    I've nominated you for a versatile blogger award ^^

  3. @ultimategithguide thank you!!

  4. I've got a little "Lucky Girl" voodoo doll. I believe that things are only as good or as bad as you make them out to be, and LG is nothing but cute. ;)

    And congrats on your award! :D

  5. Hey! That's awesome that you have that because I made it ;)

    Did you get it from Reverend Zombies?

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