Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Walking Around London

Today was my first real day in London, as yesterday I was recovering from the time difference. Today we set out to see some of the famous sites in central London. The first was the Globe Theatre, on the South bank. It's not Shakespeare's actual theatre, but a replica rebuilt in 1997 in roughly the same area. I have to say I'm impressed with the job they've done recreating this Tudor building.

First we watched a demonstration on Elizabethan clothes, where they Showed how an upperclass woman would dress. They started with a basic linen dress with silk stockings and then put a corset on her. The guide explained that during Elizabethan times corsets were outer wear (aren't they still? I thought). They also explained how clothes were all pinned or tied on and how people only bathed once or twice a year - ewww. Queen Elizabeth was said to bathe three times a year, which was considered excessive!
At the gift shop I found an amazing handbag. It says "Out Damn Spot" on it and has a print of blood dripping on the inside.

After the Globe we continued on down the Thames Path towards the Westminster bridge. We saw many of the sights including the London Eye.

We crossed the bridge and went to Westminster Abbey, which was packed with tourists. It's too bad they don't let you take photos in the building. I was blown away by the beauty of this medieval church. The art history geek in me was overjoyed at the site of flying buttresses, rib vaults, stained glass, and tombs with effigies on them. The Lady Chapel is probably the most magnificent part, with lots of stained glass windows, it's a gothic marvel.

After that we walked through St. James park and to Buckingham Palace, where we saw some of the preparations for the Royal wedding. We saw loads of media setting up and the stands being built for them. There's also British flags, hanging down the Mall, the road leading to Buckingham Palace.

All in all, an eventful day out. Hopefully tomorrow is as good. :)

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  1. I'm glad you're having fun! That handbag is amazing. I'd love to see some Tudor-influenced goth fashions...I wonder if anybody is doing that?