Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cemeteries, Cathedrals and weird food

I apologize for not posting the past couple of days, as I have been busy enjoying my time in the countryside. On Tuesday I went to visit my Uncle and Aunt. They live in a tiny village in central Wales. There's not much there, but there was an old churchyard and the scenery was lovely.

Yesterday I went to Chester, sand visited Chester cathedral, the Roman amphitheater ruins and did a little shopping.

Today it was more shopping and a trip to the Roman ruins near Shrewsbury, Wroxeter.

Also I noticed some strange food here today - baked potatoes with tuna and mayonnaise? And meat flavored crisps? Are these actually any good?

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  1. loks so amazing...
    Sadly there is nothing like this here where I live.

  2. Did you see the reproduction Roman building at Wroxeter? They did a TV series about the building of it. They used only materials and techniques available during the Roman era. It was pretty cool.

    I liked the roast chicken flavoured crisps, but eating chicken is my revenge on the rooster that flogged me when I was five. Cheese and onion is my Favourite, though. Comic relief sold limited edition crisps that tasted like a roast dinner, a fry up, and other interesting things. Never had a jacket potato with tuna and mayo. I'm too much of a 'cheese, bacon bits and sour cream' person.