Thursday, May 19, 2011


I would like to thank everyone for following me while I was on holiday. I know I diverged from the Neo-Victroan theme of this blog during the past few weeks, and did not post as regularly as usual. I'm getting back to my daily routine now, including posting.

While I was on holiday I of course went shopping, and picked up some new clothes. (I'm so glad I only packed my suitcase half full initially, as it was stuffed full with clothes and souvenirs I bought on the way back). One of the items I bought was a knee length petticoat. The underskirt is red with a black skull pattern, then a layer of black crinoline, and a third layer of black mesh over top. It's my first petticoat, so like a nerd, I'm a little excited about it. It didn't photograph the best, but here it is.


Petticoats were a standard undergarment during the Victorian period. In the early 1800s women wore several layers of petticoats, to provide warmth and give volume to their skirts. It was also so the contours of your legs didn't show through your skirts (too sexy I guess).

When crinolines were invented in the 1850s women often wore a petticoat underneath and one over the crinolines and hoops for a pouffy all around look, but a smooth outer texture to the skirt.

Then during the 1880s and 90s petticoats were worn with bustles instead of hoops, as the style changed.

In the early 20th century, they went out of style as women's skirts became smoother to the frame, and more practical. Petticoats made a brief comeback in the 1950s, but then largely disappeared from mainstream wear.
These days petticoats are found in square dancing (the horror), some bridal wear, and of course The Gothic, Lolita, and Steampunk subcultures. Personally. I'm really enjoying my petticoat!

Love this one.

And this.

What are your thoughts on petticoats?

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  1. I love your petticoat, it's gorgeous! I love petticoats too, I have yet to own one though. I think they can look gorgeous by themselves or to help poof out a skirt that's looking a bit flat :)

  2. My (non-Goth) sister collected petticoats as a child. Every once in a while she'd put all of them on at once and parade around the house looking as poofy as possible. :) As for myself, it's too warm outside for me to think about petticoats, but I might purchase a few for winter.

  3. They make me feel so girly. But I suppose that I get that feeling because I'm actually wearing a skirt and not my usual pants. I'm planning on making some really cute dresses sometime in the near future so that I can use - I'll keep you posted. ;)

  4. Yours is so beautiful. Love the red under it. I love petticoats. I think I have at least two!