Monday, May 30, 2011

Steampunk Historical Tour

On Sunday I attended a Steampunk tour of the Dalnavert museum. The Dalnavert Museum is a house in downtown Winnipeg that was built in 1895. It was owned by Sir John Hugh Macdonald, the son of the first prime minister of Canada - Sir John  A Macdonald.

The tour was organized by the Winnipeg Steampunk group on Facebook, in particular a very talented Steampunk jeweler named Randy -check out the link to his online store in the links category and here Thorgrid Jewelry .  (I am so coveting the rings).
We met out front first and I had a few photos taken and took some myself of the amazing outfits. I have to say I really admire the DIY of some of the attendees. I wish I was more of a DIYer.

Check out the hat and bustle made by the lovely Athena!
I thought this fine lady Emily also looked amazing.

Assorted Steampunks, including the talented Randy.

I'd been to the museum before, but I enjoyed seeing the place again. Plus, our tour guide was very witty and I enjoyed that he pointed out various oddities around the house. Take for example this tea cup with a mustache guard! Because you wouldn't want to get that giant handlebar mustache wet I guess.
I also enjoyed the Victorian medicine cabinet. Basically it's mostly liquor and/or opiates. You'd feel pretty good, but wouldn't actually be getting any better.
He also did a great job tlking about the differences between the lives of the servants and the family that owned the house. For example, the servants kitchen was wallpapered with newsprint, while the family's quarters were ofcourse covered with proper wallpaper.

Wallpaper for the servants.

The house is supposed to be haunted, although the tour guide said they are not supposed to officially talk about it. I've heard stories of people walking by on the street outside and seeing faces peer out the windows when there's no one in the museum. There's also apparently a photo a ghost hunter took with a motion sensor activated camera, which shows a ghostly foot walking up the staircase.

Overall, I found the tour to be very inspiring and enjoyed meeting other people that also enjoy Steampunk. I will definetly be writing about some of the interesting Victorian items I saw yesterday.


  1. What a cool event. You look great! Actually, everyone pictured looks great!! It's wonderful to find things like this where you can meet others of your "own kind" and with the same interests.

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  2. Looking forward to your description of the other Victorian items you saw at this home. I will definitely need to make a trip myself- I never knew it existed!

  3. I love Dalnavert! Did I tell you that, back when I was considering a much bigger wedding, I wanted to have all my pictures taken inside? You're allowed to sit in the rooms, with supervision of course, and pose. I thought it was fabulous! Still regretting not having the pics done there...