Sunday, May 1, 2011

Women Vote!

I'd like to diverge a little bit from my holiday posts, and talk about something a little more serious - voting. The federal election is tomorrow in my home country Canada, so for all you Canucks, please remember to exercise your right to vote tomorrow. I am out of the country, but did vote before I left in advance polls.

It bothers me is when people say they are not going to vote because it doesn't matter, or that it takes too much effort. It does matter. This is your chance to have your say. While politics and politicians are not perfect, if people don't vote, they won't be represented. I'm also from the school of thought, that if you don't vote, you can't complain.
Even if you live in a riding that always votes a certain way, in Canada your vote is still worth $1.75 to the party you vote for. So it is not wasted.
It also bothers me when people say it's too much effort. People are still struggling, and fighting and dying in other parts of the world to get this basic right.
I'd also like to remind all us women that it wasn't even 100 years ago that women in most countries obtained this basic right. New Zealand is the exception, granting women this right in 1893. In Canada it was 1917, the US 1920, and in the UK women age 30 got the vote in 1918, though this changed to 18 years of age in 1928.

So ladies, remember, your great grandmothers protested, faced public ridicule, starved themselves at times, and were arrested all so you could take that 20 minutes or so out of your day to vote. So go forth!
I will get off my soap box now.

If I lived then I so would of been a suffragette with a fab parasol.

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  1. I hate it when people say that you should do things because other people couldn't and they fought for the right to do it and whatever, but I do agree that people need to vote. So many people complain about the gov. but I'm sure a good part of them haven't done a thing to make it better. I'll be of age for the next US election and I will def. vote.

  2. This made me smile. Especially the parasol part. Great post, and reminder.

  3. Hear hear! Voting's so friggin' important that I'll encourage people who I know will vote against my favored candidates to go vote, if just to "cancel" my vote out.

    You may not be able to be a suffragette, but a fab parasol is probably a must for someone who runs a neo-Victorian blog. ;-)

  4. Thanks for the feedback. @Ashlee I agree that telling someone to do something because others fought for it, can be annoying at times. I'm just passionate for women's rights and believe voting is important.
    @Unlacing the Victorians I'm still hunting for a fab parasol. I'm on a mission though during my vacation to find one. :)

  5. I'm gonna block the parasols flying in my direction in advance - I didn't vote.

    I think I had to be able to prove where I lived and my names are all screwed up at the moment - can't even get a proper bank account under my married name. That, and I completely forgot what was going on after the day I had. It was complete with screaming child, lost toys, and a confused Jilly.

    But. I regularly vote, not because of the past sufferings of other people, because with their courage they also fought for the right to have feelings of apathy, unfortunately, but usually because I don't like the a-hole currently in power, or about to be in power.

    Hell, I always vote NDP because I like Layton, something I can't always say for the other candidates.

    But I'll keep voting, even if it means I'm "throwing away my vote". NDP has come a long way in 10 years. Who knows what could happen in the next 10 - dare I say...a win? :D