Saturday, June 25, 2011

Zombie Ball

I haven't posted in the last week, due to being down with the flu. So I would like to thank everyone for their kind patience.
That being said, I did attend a fabulous social last Friday night, the Zombie Ball put on by the Elysium Social Club, a great local gothic social event club. (Check out their link to the right).
For those of you that don't know what a social is, it's an event peculiar to Manitoba Canada. It's usually held to raise money, mostly for upcoming weddings, but it can be for any fundraising reason at all. A community club or hall is rented for the evening, and tickets are sold in advance, for the event. The hall is decorated and a dj is hired for music. During the evening, one buys tickets for drinks, which are then redeemed at the bar. At the bar, there is usually a selection of a few different types of beers, and hard liquor that can be mixed with soft drinks. One can also purchase raffle tickets, for a draw at the end of the night. At most socials there is a selection of various prizes one can put their raffle tickets in for. During the evening a buffet table of food is also served, usually of cold cuts, bread, cheese, pickles, chips etc.
The night if drinking and dancing is then capped off by the raffle draws.

I have to say I thought the ESC put on a great night. They encouraged people to dress up as zombies, and even had people on hand doing fabulous zombie makeup. Personally I am not a zombie fan (I don't like gore), so Ms. Chloe and I dressed as potential zombie meals (regular people).



The hall was decorated in a lovely undead theme - check out the table centre pieces (sorry no flash on the iPhone).

The music provided by the DJs was great, and the raffle prizes were very tempting. I ended up putting in tickets for some great steampunk jewelry by Thorgrid jewelry and for a gift basket from Hungover Empire, a local alternative clothing store (check out their links listed to the right). Amazingly, I actually won the Hungover Empire gift basket! I got a gas mask, some cute black tights with pink skulls on them, shoelaces with skulls on them, coffin earrings, a t shirt and a belt, and nail polish. Thanks Hungover Empire!

Check out alternative model Joan V's outfit! (see her page listed to the right).

It was all in all a fun evening - good music, good friends, and a great showing for the Winnipeg goth community.

So what type of events dies your local goth community put on?
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  1. You both look lovely!! I bet zombies would really love Goth girls, seeing as how so many Goths are the intellectual type (and zombies do eat brains, primarily!). ;-D I'm with you on not dressing "zombie." I'd rather be pretty than gory any day, and I'm not much of a costume person anyway. Ooh, I just looked at the large version of your outfit picture: I adore the details on your corset!!!

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  2. Thank you for the compliments! And I agree with you about the potentially nourishing quality if gothic brains for zombies. Lol

  3. That sounds like so much fun! Your outfit is gorgeous :)

  4. Ms. Lou does the coolest things :) Kielbasa, Zombies and a raffle – only in Manitoba!