Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hanzel und Gretyl show

Last night I went out with friends (and a date - which lovely, by the way) to see industrial metal act Hanzel und Gretyl, who were playing at Ozzy's in Winnipeg. I was excited to see them in such an intimate venue! Last time I saw them was when they opened for Ministry, back in 2005.

Not only was the venue smaller, but the band had less people in it than last time to. It was just the two founding members performing, Kaizer Von Loopy and Vas Kallas. Not that I minded, but I still like the sight of a full band playing. Despite the smaller scale the show was excellent! I was happy they played my fave songs by them, including SS Deathstar Supergalactic, and Fikk Dicht Mit Fire. They band seemed to be having fun to, getting people to come drink out of a boot on stage
during Das Boot.

YouTube Video

I apologize for the quality, it's not the greatest camera phone. But still, it shows boot drinking!

YouTube Video

At the end of the show, they played a disco song and people got on stage and danced! Hilarious! The band was also kind enough after the show to take photos with fans and sign autographs. It was definetly A fun night!

Me, Phoebe, and Kaizer Von Loopy.

I have to send a big shout out to the Elysium Social Club for arranging the show. It's great we have such dedicated people in our local community!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing night! I've only seen them in concert on Youtube. But its sounds like you had a blast! Hearts, Janna Lynn