Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Arm warmers and the Charleston

I meant to post this yesterday, but have had a wicked cold, with a fever and sore throat. A day late though is better than never, so here is my contribution to Victorian Kitty's monthly fashion theme - arm warmers and gloves.

I personally love gloves and arm warmers. I think they can be an inexpensive way to pull an outfit together, and add a little extra something. Last week I bought a few more, as there were some great Halloween type items out there, and most were on sale!
Here's one of the new pairs, these with a spiderweb pattern.

Below is my last minute Halloween costume. I couldn't think of anything, so I bought some devil's horns and a red boa, and voila - instant costume!

Ms.Chloe's costume was way better. She was a flapper girl, complete with the fringes, 1920s make up and hair. I think she looks fabulous! Here's a video of Ms.Chloe doing the Charleston and showing off her fab fringes.

YouTube Video

How was your Halloween?

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  1. Love your Blog Site , Lou! Thank you for featuring us and Ailsa Dyson in our Shoot together in October! 8 )

  2. Sorry to hear you are sick! :( Feel better soon!

    I really like the spiderweb pattern. It's more delicate than the usual spiderweb tights/gloves I see from time to time. You are a cute little devil, and Ms. Chloe is lovely!

  3. You know, your blonde hair with the half red hair thing going, along with the devil's horns, sort of makes it look like you have a good v. bad side. I am not sure why. But it's a pretty awesome look.

  4. You were sooooo lovely for Halloween! Last minute but it looks so good! So sorry your sick now too! Rest up and feel better soon, sore throats are the worst! I send you healing vibes through the internet. Hearts, Janna Lynn

  5. Nice warmers and costume Ms Lou!! And Ms Chloe looked fabulous having fun in her fringe dress! :)

  6. Thanks guys for the lovely comments! I feel your healing energy being sent my way @Janna Lynn! @Unlacing the Victorians I never thought of it as good and bad sides, but now I think I will! :) and thanks to @Victorian Kitty for the monthly fashion theme - it's so much fun. <3

  7. Doing the Charleston in a flapper dress really suits me, doesn't it?

  8. I loved this! More dances in fringe, please! Gods, I miss you guys.

  9. My Angel is a little devil!!! (D)