Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Book Review - Betrayed

I recently finished reading Betrayed, the second novel in the House of Night series by PC and Kristen Cast. The second book follows the main character Zoey Redbird, who attends the House of Night, a boarding school for fledgling vampires. In this novel, she is beginning to get used to her growing powers and adapt to her new life. It also doesn't hurt that she has been made the new leader of the Dark Daughters, a group of elite students.

Everything seems to be perfect. Her enemy Aphrodite, the former leader of the Dark Daughters has been deposed, she's enjoying her new classes, and has at least two love interests going at once.
Then things get complicated. Human teenagers, including her former schoolmates, are going missing, and her tie to her ex boyfriend Heath continues to grow. There is also the unsettling feeling there is something not quite right about the head mistress Neferet.
Like the last novel, I thought the plot had some problems. It moved at a good pace, but some scenes seemed extraneous. The characters were fairly believable, except for the protagonist. She's too perfect. She has more powers than any other fledgling her age, and has three guys chasing her. Personally I prefer my protagonists flawed. In the second book we see her powers
continue to grow. She has an affinity for not just one but all the elements (air,fire, water, earth, and spirit). She continues to play her two boyfriends to. I found her a bit annoying really. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue reading this series. Two parasols.

If you read this series, what did you think of it? Should I continue reading it?
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  1. I give these books a resounding "meh". Unless you have time to waste, or just an insane urge to see just how Mary Sue a Mary Sue can get, I'd steer clear of the rest of the series. I read up to...hunted?...and was left with no real lasting impressions.

  2. I read the first three books and then I stopped. I couldn't take it anymore. Zoey just isn't all that believable to me. Is she a vampire? a witch? and with all her Cherokee genetics getting thrown in, I just can't figure out what her deal is exactly. What stinks is that I got the entire series from a relative. Now I have an armload of books just sitting there... :\