Sunday, January 29, 2012

Corsetry Fashion Show

This Friday I attended a fashion show with my friend Richel at a local art gallery Gurevich Fine Art . It was titled Sensibus, and featured corsetry by Callisto Couture . Besides the fashion show, there was also great wine and food, including chocolates by Constance Popp and cupcakes by my fave local cupcake place Cakeology. The chocolates were amazing! Raspberry and butter cream filled chocolates that were like little bursts of flavor. So good.
The show was very entertaining, and there were some pretty amazing corsets. These aren't the cheap kind. They are custom made to fit the wearer, and are very pretty. The models walked from one end of the gallery to the other, which contains about three rooms, and the audience sat along the walls. Here is a brief video of the show. You can hear Richel and I talking in the background at one point. Please excuse us.

YouTube Video

A couple of the photos I took from the back because they are underbust corsets and I wanted to keep the content of the blog PG.

Miss La Muse, a burlesque dancer also performed as part of the fashion show.

There was one model who's outfit was rather steampunk and cyber reminiscent.

All in all it was a great night. And just before the end the cops showed up as a guy got kicked out and complained. Lots of the ladies seemed excited by this. I myself have never gotten the whole "men in uniform" thing, but to each their own.
There was also goody bags when we left containing lip butter that tastes like amerretto, a coupon for a free cakeology cupcake, a free corset consultation, a notebook, and perfume samples.
Here's me leaving the party with a cop car in the background. Note my stupid expression and the puzzled look on the face of one of Winnipeg's finest.

Hope your weekend was a fabulous one!
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  1. I´m disappointed I missed that! Looks like entertaining fun, even with all the hipsters. And you look adorable, even in front of a cop car. (D)

  2. I love that steampunk look. The evening seemed like wonderful fun, burlesque and all. Cakeology? Do you guys now have many cupcake places to visit? :( I have no cupcakes. I am sad.

  3. Looks like a terrific time. You look so pretty in that cop car pic too. :)

  4. What a great way to spend the evening. I could count on all fingers people who would've loved to switch places with you this evening! Sounds like a great area you live in too :)

  5. I want that white dress!! Super cute!

    You always find the coolest things to go to, Lou!