Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'd like to wish all my readers a happy new year and all the best in 2012! Thank you so much for following my little blog. I hope you all had an excellent holiday season, whatever festivities you celebrate. I apologize for my absence for the past couple of weeks. With the getting ready for the holidays and all the running about and visiting, I had less blogging time than usual.

My holiday baking.

My Christmas tree

I hope you were all spoiled this past Christmas, I know I was. I received various bath goodies, wine, and chocolate. From my bestie Rheina, I was treated to a couple of gifts from Good Goth.
She got me these cool socks.

Source: Good Goth

And this awesome Alice themed necklace. I must say I love Alice in Wonderland, it was one of my favorites growing up.

Source: Good Goth

My lovely BF also spoiled me with steampunk themed gifts. I got an assortment of skeleton key pendants, an underbust harness, a copy of the Steampunk Bible, and a beautiful black parasol! I will definitely model these in a future post.

One of my pendants.

They were all wrapped in this very cool wrapping paper. So awesome!

How were your holidays?

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  1. Testing testing, will I be able to post a comment?

    SUCCESS!!! Hooray Lou! I had some of your fruitcake and it was deeelicious! I wish I could have had more than just one piece, but my mom loved it so much she stole the rest from me!

  2. Happy new year! Looking forward to seeing your new clothes and accessories in action. :) The key pendant is adorable!

  3. Happy New Year to you too! Share your baking ;)