Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Things are getting back to normal now that the holidays are over with. I thought I'd just do a quick post about a few random things that have amused and entertained me on the interwebs and otherwise.

1. Rad.io
This is a pretty amazing app. I heard about it from Ms. Chloe (she always hears about the coolest things). It's a free app of radio stations around the world. All different types and genres including gothic and industrial. There's so many it's hard to know where to start! Most of the gothic stations are out of Germany, which is also where I think this app itself originated. The stations I'm enjoying currently are Vampirefreaks out of the US, Radio Dunklemacht from Germany and Tormented radio out of Turkey. These stations play everything from the Cure, to VNV Nation, and Velvet Acid Christ to Combichrist. I've been enjoying learning new songs and discovering artists I haven't heard of before. I suggest checking it out if you have an iPhone or Droid phone. And it's free! I have been using it as part of Le Professor Gothique's Batfit 2012 challenge to dance for 20 minutes.

2.Goths Up Trees
If you haven't checked this tumbler site out yet, you should.
Check it out Here . Excellent cheesy goodness. It makes me want to go sit in a tree and have my photo taken. :)

3. I can't remember which blogger started it, but there is a Vampire book reading challenge out there, which got me wondering about maybe reading books of another gothic type theme. I recently got the book "Book of Spells" by Katie Brian. I haven't read it yet as I'm currently on a couple of others, but I was thinking of doing a witchcraft themed reading list for myself and reviewing them. I would love to hear any suggestions for books with this subject matter!

4. Finally here is a pic of me and my older brother's new puppy Winston. Isn't he the cutest! I tried to steal him away but was unsuccesful. I guess it's for the best as I don't think my pet rabbit would be happy sharing a house with a doggy.

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  1. You and Winston are the cutest, but I'd still rather cuddle you! Nice work reaching 100! (D)

  2. PUPPY!

    I wish I had a dog. Tried to get my boss to buy huskie/collie mix puppies for the office (they were FREE on craigslist). He said no, he wanted a purebred.


    Actually there is something I could submit to Goths up Trees...