Friday, January 27, 2012

Ms Chloe has a blog!

My dear friend Ms. Chloe has decided to jump into the blogging world with her new blog Cemetery Sandwiches . In it Ms Chloe documents her forays into the subculture that is goth. A self proclaimed beginner, she is documenting her journey as an adult "baby bat".
I interviewed her yesterday about her blog.

Q. So, Chloe what made you decide to start blogging?
A. Well I kinda explain that in my introduction, but I also admired other people blogging. When I started doing my research into goth, I started reading other people's blogs, especially Ultimate Goth Guide. I really loved that other people were providing such personal information, and I'm nosey and liked seeing into other people's lives and it made me feel better about my own life. So I thought, maybe I could do this to! Maybe I could start a blog and say things.

Q. So who inspires you?
A. Well, you (thanks Chloe!) and Amy from Ultimate Goth Guide, and Adora Batbrat I find very inspiring. I love how she just lives her life, and is not ashamed or embarrassed, and she's so much herself that she makes me want to be more myself, even if that's totally different.

Q. So what sort of styles are you interested in and curious about?
A. I'm really interested in the gothabilly look. I think it's really elegant and fun and celebrates the kitschy aspect of horror and goth, which I really enjoy because I like to have fun and I like kitschy things. I also really like Steampunk. I think it's really elegant, it's really classy, it makes me feel like a lady when I put on steampunk things. I'm mostly interested in those two, but I'm interested in looking at all the different styles.

Q. So what do you think are the best things about the gothic subculture? What do you like and admire about it?
A. I admire how it creates a sort of family network. I remember the first time I went to the goth club with you, I felt like I really want to be a part of this - the way they all know each other, the way they all like the same things. I really like all the connections people have with each other. Even though everyone is very different and individualized, there is a common thread that runs through it all. When you really get down to it, everyone can relate to one another.

Q. What do you think some of the drawbacks are?
A. Speaking as an outsider, it was very imposing. I was very nervous to go to my first goth night, because you guys have a presence. And for those of us that have no presence ( you do have presence Chloe!) it can be very scary. But at the same time I really admired it and thought it was very cool.
There also seems to be a large amount of drama in the community, but I don't think that's not about being goth, that's in any community. I think when you get a group of people together it doesn't matter who they are, how old they are, or what they're doing, there's going to be drama.

Q. So what are you listening to right now? What's in your iPod?
A. Well there's a lot of non goth things.
Q. Okay, that's awesome. Like what?
A. There's this local band I discovered called Oh My Darling. They do Appalachian mountain fiddling and stuff. I went to one of their concerts and I thought it was great, so I have that. I also have Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, which I really enjoy. I just found out about this band and it really intrigues me, Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows and the singers name is Anna Varney Cantodea. I found out about it through the Ultimate Goth Guide. Anna Varney is strange looking and very creepy but in a way that I can't look away from. I can't stop listening. It's very eerie music and I highly recommend it.

Q. What books are you reading right now?
A. I'm reading the Goth Bible to brush up on my goth skills. I also just finished reading a book about the bad behavior of the siblings of George III.

Q. Finally what are your three favorite words in the dictionary?
A. I like superfluous. I like transmogrify, and I also like schmuck, is that a word?

So as you can see, my friend Chloe is really awesome. I find her to be very inspiring and intelligent. She's super cool and talented, so I recommend following her blog. :)

In the spirit of Cemetery Sandwiches, here's some random pics.

Here is a cemetery on Sandwich street.

And here is a pic of some cemetery treats.

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  1. My friend is tut-tutting that I didn't call it "Peripheral Sparkles" like she suggested. I'm already experiencing regret over the name choice. I'm sure I'll lie awake tonight thinking about it.

    Thanks for interviewing me! It was fun! And I hope I didn't make any verbal faux-pas about the goth scene...

  2. Ms. Chloe!!! How I <3 thee. I look forward to watching your journey unfold.

  3. Nice work Chloe! One more blog I'll be reading. Lou, you're still the coolest!! (D)