Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monthly Fashion Theme- Gray

Once again it's time for Sophistique Noir's monthly fashion theme. This month the theme is gray, a colour I don't often wear. I actually only own one grey item, a skirt I wear for work sometimes. I'm not big in the colour gray, but I do like this skirt, as it's a pencil skirt and I think it's rather flattering. So here are a couple of pics of me at work, in my Corp goth look.

My desk and plant (his name is Boris) are in the background.

On a side note - happy Leap day! During Victorian times, a woman could propose to a man on Leap day. If he refused he had to give her a gift of 12 pairs of gloves. Supposedly this was to hide the fact she did not have an engagement ring some think. Either way, 12 pairs of gloves isn't too shabby of a gifting my opinion.

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  1. What an office cutie!! Looking good Lou! (D)

  2. Well darn, if I had known that I could have got 12 pairs of gloves yesterday, I would have been proposing to a few different people. Your outfit is very cute and looks comfortable :)

  3. That skirt is great! I would totally wear that to work, too. You look awesome. And your whole blog design goes perfectly with the theme, too. ;) Thank you for participating!!

    1. Thanks. I love the monthly themes!

  4. Happy Leap Day - no gloves for you, my Dear! I'm going to hold you to that, too. (D)

  5. Cute outfit! I like the off-shoulder look matched with office-acceptable wear!