Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St.Patrick's Day'

Happy St. Patrick's day to everyone! Wether you are Irish or not, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. My great great grandfather Joseph McCabe, on my Mum's side was Irish, from county Carlow. While as a Wiccan, I don't celebrate the bit about St.Patrick driving the snakes (a euphemism for Druids) out of Ireland, I do seize the opportunity to celebrate the little bit of Irishness in me.

During the Victorian era, the Irish were often looked down upon in both England and North America. During the potato famine of 1845 to 1852 the British government (Ireland was part of the British empire at the time) encouraged the Irish to give up their lands and move to the New World. A million emigrated, mostly to the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Interestingly, Because of this, there are now more people of Irish descent in North America than in Ireland itself.
During the Victorian era the color green became associated with the Irish national holiday (the color assigned to St. Patrick himself is blue). It was during this time that wearing a shamrock was seen as an insult to the British as it was a statement of Irish nationalism.

In North America Irish immigrants and their descendants have been celebrating St. Patrick's day since the 18th century. The oldest St.Patrick's day parade is Boston's, which started in 1737. New York started theirs in 1762, and Montreal in 1824. In Newfoundland St. Patrick's Day is a provincial holiday, one of the few places outside of Ireland where it is a day off (the population is mostly of Irish descent).

Today I plan to celebrate by getting together with friends, drinking Guinness and eating these mint chocolate brownies I made for the occasion.

I don't own anything green, but to avoid getting pinched, this is the best I could come up with.

Do you celebrate St.Patrick's Day? If so what did you do?

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  1. Mm Baileys and guiness are very good drinks! No we don't celebrate StPatricks day here in sweden.

  2. Way to celebrate your heritage in style. Sounds like it was loads of fun. :)

    I tried to go to Pittsburgh's St. Paddy's Day Parade but plans fell through with three different groups of people. I hate how unreliable some people can be.

  3. Guinness, Baileys and mint chocolate fudge...You're the coolest!!(D)