Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monster High

So I have a confession to make - I enjoy monster high dolls. Yes, they're commercial, and yes they're for kids, I know. Maybe it's weird to like dolls when you are older, especially since as a kid I hated dolls. I loved stuffed animals, but not dolls - not baby dolls, nor barbie dolls or any of their ilk. And after childhood, I never really gave dolls any more thought. Then a couple of years ago I found the Monster High dolls. "I would of loved these when I was a kid"I thought.  They look like gothicesque barbie dolls!
Monster High is also a cartoon, in which the characters are all the children, or relatives, of famous monsters (like Draculaura, the daughter of Dracula, and Frankie Stien the daughter of the Frankenstein), and attend a high school. The little I've seen of the cartoon is trite but cute, but it is for kids after all.
 Then for Christmas 2010 my dear friend Ms.Nicole, got both Ms. Chloe and I ones! I got Draculaura, and Ms. Chloe got Frankie Stein. Her daughter Willow now has both Clawdeen Wolf (a werewolf) and Lagoona Blue (daughter of a sea monster).
                                               Draculaura, Clawdeen and Frankie

I also like Spectra, a ghostly character, though I think she looks better in the cartoon then as a doll.

You can also get various accessories for them, like this cute coffin bed/jewelery box for Draculaura.

A new character that I'm excited to see the doll for, is a Steampunk character named Robecca Steam. She even has a clockwork owl as her pet!

What are your thoughts on monster high dolls? Do you have a favorite? Are they too commercial? What do you think?


  1. I love those dolls! I really don't care if they're for kids, I'm going to keep collecting them anyway. Spectra is my favorite doll so far.

  2. I think they are cute! I have a little wish that I was a young girl when I see them. Even my stepdaughter have stopped playing with dolls so I can't buy them to her either :/ it would have been a nice excuse to play with them ;)

  3. Eek I have to admit that I love these dolls. I don't own one yet, but I'd love one. I especially like the Lagoona Blue one that comes with a hydration tube thing that bubbles and lights up.

  4. I was aware of the Monster High dolls but didn't think much about them until this past Halloween, when I saw a lot of the inner city kids wearing the costumes as I passed out candy. I was pretty impressed.

    Who cares if they're "too commercial" as long as kids are having fun with them? I probably wouldn't have liked them when I was younger (ooky spooky stuff not being something I liked then) but their popularity shows that maybe it would even have a kid like I was become a fan.

  5. I think Monster High dolls are super cute, I wish I was prone to collecting things. I even handed out Monster High valentines to the theatre department! Everyone liked them and asked why I didn't have the dolls, to which I hinted that I wouldn't mind receiving them as gifts in the future :P

  6. I thought it was best thing has happened to alternative and goths it sends out good messages to others to themselves im 24 im even thinking of getting them lol they hilariously cute and spooky to others I look like grumpy stereotypical elite but really big kid at heart x)