Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Outfit post and Gothy outing

This past Saturday Ms. Chloe, the BF and I decided to go to the local goth bar night. I hadn't gone for a while due to being sick two
weeks in a row, plus other weekend outings. So needless to say, we were very excited to get dressed up and go out. I also wanted to show off the lovely dress my BF got me for Valentines. Here are our outfits.

YouTube Video

And here is a close up of Ms. Chloe's uber cool ouija board earrings.

YouTube Video

When we got there, I should of clued in that something was amiss because there wasn't the usual assortment of people outside, smoking and chatting.
I went inside and found out that it had been cancelled that night! I was disappointed and felt a little silly. As a friend pointed out to me the next day, it was posted on the facebook page, which I overlooked (face palm).
We decided to go across the street to Baked Expectations, an awesome dessert place, to drown our sorrows in cake.

Ms. Chloe sadly eating Banana cake.

The BF had the gothiest cake - orange chocolate mousse cake.

Me sadly eating red velvet cake.

Actually it wasn't sad at all. We had a great time! And all three cakes tasted amazing. Sometimes when plans go awry, things turn out great anyway. :)

Me posing with Chloe's hat.

Have you ever had your plans go awry, and turn out good after all?

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  1. Oh no! How terrible. But looking fabulous for cake is almost as good as looking fabulous for dancing!

  2. What a cutie!! Wonderful cake, but I still think you're yummier!! Nice evening though(D)

  3. @Dutch and @miss Gracie thanks! :)

  4. Awww bummer ya'll couldn't show off your great outfits. Oh well. Cake solves all woes. ;)
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  5. I could use some cake right now. Mmmmm!

  6. The saddest cake in the woooooorld

    Well we were for sure the best dressed cakeshop patrons.

  7. You both looked gorgeous, and cake is definitely worth dressing up for! ;)