Thursday, April 12, 2012

Music - Hannah Fury

I was looking for some different music to listen to, as I would like to add to and diversify my music collection. It was suggested to me that as I like the music of Emilie Autumn, I might check out the artist Hannah Fury.

Hannah Fury is an American independent, self taught musician. She started teaching herself to play the piano at the age of 16. Her first EP, Soul Poison, was released in 1998, and her first full length album in 2000, entitled The Thing That Feels. She has recorded several EPs since, and another full length album, her last release to date, Through The Gash in 2007. All of these were recorded on her own independent label MellowTraumatic Recordings (I love this name by the way). She started using just keyboards, piano and vocals, and has later added bass guitar and a drum machine to her music. I have to say I admire her for writing, performing, and producing all her own songs. She has also reportedly never performed live due to being very shy. It is inspiring to think that despite this, she didn't let this stop her from writing and recording.

She notes her inspirations as the novel Wicked (particularly the character of Elphaba), Marie Antionette, and the Rococo era.
Listening to her music I can see the comparison to Emilie Autumn, especially her earlier work, as it is very melodic and haunting. She also uses some disturbing imagery in her lyrics too, though I find it a bit more toned down. Personally I like my music a little more aggressive, but I can see why people might like it, and I certainly admire her as an artist.

What are your thoughts on Hannah Fury? Are there any other steampunk type artists you recommend?

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  1. I enjoy her music a lot! The songs have an air of sad fairytales over them.

  2. I remember sitting down and listening to her music in the first few months that I started my own blog (2.5 years ago!) I wasn't hooked, but it did remind me of a more mellow version of EA for sure. In fact, I think I labeled it under a sort of Victorianindustrial type of musical style, despite that being a made up genre for just EA's stuff.