Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pastel Goth and Bubble Goth

I have been hearing the terms bubble goth and pastel goth tossed around a fair amount lately, along with people debating wether or not these are legitimate forms of "goth" or not.
First of all what are they? And what's the difference?

Bubble Goth

Bubble goth was a term apparently started by the Estonian singer Kerli, to describe her style. It seems to take cues from Cybergoth with PVC, masks, fluffy legwarmers and dreadfalls, but uses a lot of white rather than black, with accents of bright color. The masks are sometimes made out of stuffed animals, and outfits can include childlike motifs.

Pastel Goth

I'm not sure where this style developed from, but it seems to combine elements of Lolita, and gothic motifs, like bats and skulls etc., but in pastel colors. Some wear black lipstick with pastel dyed hair and clothes, while others combine black clothing with pastel, and use motifs like cute bats, cats etc. I did hear someone describe it as "casual lolita" but I think it's a little more than that, as it does use some gothic symbols.

So What's All the Fuss?
There are those who sneer at these terms saying they're not goth at all, as they are too colorful, and not dark or macabre enough. Those of us that have been around the scene for a while may look down on this as a new fad, or as something that is watering down goth, making it more palatable for the pedestrian masses.
I think that pastel goth can be a great introduction to the subculture for the younger set. Especially if their parents may frown on wearing a lot of black. I also think that both these styles still contain some of the elements of fascination with things that are considered dark or macabre (the Teddy bear masks of bubble goth are definitely disturbing to me in a weird way).

Source - Tumblr

Whatever people choose to label these styles, I think, at the end of the day, it is important to dress in a way that pleases you. There will always be those who say "you are not goth enough" or who frown on others for stepping outside of a prescribed fashion box. To loosely quote Jillian Venters, there is no goth cabal who will kick you out of the subculture. I also find that those who criticize others the most, are usually projecting their own insecurities onto others.
What are your thoughts on these styles? In favor of it? Do you hate it? Let me know.

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  1. I'm with you, Miss Lou. Wear what you like, even if it's "goth Lite." While I like lots of black, some colour is a good thing. No-one is keeping score. Do what you like and wear what you like. Good article! (D)

  2. I think "candy goths" look so cute. There's too many other "important" things to worry about in life. Why waste time on trivial matters like arguing if these gals are "goth" enough? Sigh... I don't understand people sometimes. Misanthropy setting in...3....2.....1


  3. I like anyone that dresses with intention, whether it's ghetto-fabulous, neo-Victorian, or prep-school chic. Plus bright colors are fun, I like both of these styles.

  4. I think they're cute. I've tried to put together a pastel goth look on the past. I got mistaken for a scene kid,but still worth it.

  5. I think it's just a part of the debate 'What IS goth(ic)'? For me: I guess it shouldn't really matter. If we don't want to be labeled or don't really care about labels at all but rather aesthetics, style & mindset I think it's hypocrite to judge people then because they aren't "Goth" enough because they wear pastel(ish) colors & don't even know the mindset behind it.

    I'm for example almost always dressed in colors (and I really mean colors). But I get often described as 'The Goth Girl'.

  6. I like the idea of it, and wish I could carry off something like that; I think of it as 'Ice goth' or 'Ghost goth' but with a pastel tinge on the whites/greys.

    If I could, I'd have a base of ethereal white overlaid with dusty pale lavender, with black accents to give shape and form. If prettier girls than me can do this, when why shouldn't they? I'm not going to get pissy and say it isn't 'goth enough': if it reminds me of winter, cemeteries, ghosts and Victorian mourning colours then it will do for me!

  7. I love loove love love Pastel goth! Intressting reading^^

  8. I've recently found out about pastel goth; and I instantly fell in love with it!
    The only problem is that it's a rather hard look to pull off T_T Especially that pastel-colored hair...of my poor hair..

  9. I am a pastel goth wannabe yes
    It's super cute, and even if it isn't really "classic goth" or w/e, I love it lots. The muted, pale colours contrast with black really nicely, and do /not even get me started/ with pastel hair. * u *
    As for bubble goth, I find it to be extremely fascinating, although it's often a bit too bright and intense for my taste.
    All in all though, definitely good styles.

  10. This style is big inspiration for me!


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