Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fight Light A Girl

So as usual I'm the late to the game when it comes to music. I am eagerly awaiting the new Emilie Autumn album Fight Like A Girl, only to find out that the single for the title song was released a month ago. Sigh. Always the last to know.

I of course downloaded it. I'm enjoying the song itself, but am unsure how I feel about the B side track Time For Tea. Maybe it will grow on me with a few more listens.
Listen here.

I heard a rumor the full length album will be released in June or July. Hopefully with her touring for it already, it will come out soon.
What are your thoughts on the new material?
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  1. Overall I'm not too impressed with these first two songs. I can listen to them just fine, but they're not really growing on me as of yet. In EA's defense I doubt I've ever really liked any of her songs the first time I heard them- it took several listens to truly appreciate those songs of hers which I now love the most, and ones I didn't like for months grew on me after I had given them fair listens after wearing my favorites out.

    On the other side of the spectrum my boyfriend, who only goes to EA concerts for my sake rather than because he enjoys her music, really likes "Fight Like a Girl." When it was played at the concert for the first time he immediately said he had enjoyed that song.

  2. I really like FLAG, but I am right there with you with Time for Tea. Like Meg, it too takes me several listens for me to fall in love with her songs, but once I do, Oh Man, I am head over heels. With Opheliac I liked a few of the songs, but once I listened to The Opheliac Comapanion and heard what the motivation for each song was I decided the whole album was pure genius! If you haven't heard the companion you can listen to it on Spotify for free. I highly recommend it. I recently did a blog post about her book, I highly recommend that for any EA fan as well :)

  3. I'm soo looking forward to her new album. I saw her concert and enjoyed it a lot. Though I think her earlier albums are better. "One foot in front of the other" captured my heart.

  4. Time for Tea is the shouty/growly one, right? I'm not too keen either. There was one called Gaslight that I particularly liked, but I'm with the folks from above - EA's music tends to grow on me. The only song I ever liked from the first was "Remember Me", and that was back when she was into faeries.

    I'm hoping for a release soon. That would be nice. I haven't bought those tracks yet - still waitin' for the album. ;)