Saturday, May 5, 2012

Heart of Faerie Oracle

This week I treated myself to a new deck of cards, something I haven't done in a while. I love collecting tarot and various oracle decks, and am always on the look out for ones that are new and unique.

On Tuesday I went for a dentist appointment, and afterwards I rewarded myself by going to the nearby bookstore. It was there that I saw this deck. I love Brian Froud's other Faerie books and also have his original Faerie Deck. I thought I would check this one out as well.
The deck has 68 cards in all and is decided into several groupings.
- Faerie Queens
- Queen's Consorts
- Archetypes
- Sprites
- Ladies
- the Journey
There are also three cards that are unnamed and are unmentioned in the book. Very mysterious!

I have only just started using it for readings. I actually took it to my friend's for our Beltane celebrations and we read for each other. It seemed appropriate reading faerie cards for the spring season. So far it's been accurate and I'm enjoying using the beautiful cards.

The back of the card design

What are your thoughts on oracle decks?

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  1. The cards are beautiful. Hope they will be useful for you.