Friday, May 25, 2012


Lately I've really been into watching vlogs on YouTube. I still love reading blogs, but now I've added watching gothy vlogs to my ways of killing extra time. I'm thinking of starting one myself, as it's been inspiring watching so many great ladies talk about the subculture. The first person I started following on youtube was Adora Batbrat's vlog. She updates rather randomly and infrequently, which makes for a nice surprise when she does add a new one. I like the tutorials where she does her goth crafts, and the little insights into her daily life.
Watch her latest video

Also in the theme of dark videos. On May 22, World Goth day, a CBC national news program called The Hour ran a segment on it, and in the segment appeared an image of Ms. Kitty, author of the Sophistique
Noir blog.
Watch here.

Finally in more randomness, I planted some flowers this week. It's my first foray into gardening, so I kept it simple with these awesome black pansies.

Ahh.... nothing says spring like black flowers.

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  1. When I move to a new place I hope to have a bit of a yard where I can start a black and purple garden. That, of course, is the only sensible thing a person could do.