Friday, June 15, 2012

Event - Swords and Sabres

This past Saturday I attended a local event called Swords and Sabers - a Renaissance fair type event that included Medieval enthusiasts, pirates and steampunks. It's the first one of such events in my city (as far as I know) so I decided to check it out.
When I arrived I immediately headed for the steampunk tent where I ran into the lovely Athena from the Winnipeg Steampunk group along with some other well attired ladies.

Anya, Athena and Lana show off their lovely outfits.

I'm excited that so many people are interested in Steam. There is talk of getting together regularly to share DIY tips, and there is even a picnic at the end of the month! So awesome.
I went and looked at the other tents and tables and there were some really great items for sale. The first I positively drooled over was Objects of our Afflication . She makes customized hats, both regular size top hats and mini hats. If you don't know already, I adore tiny top hats.

Besides the Steam type stuff, there was also a sizable pirate contingent at the event and a couple of Medieval groups. The Sons of Lugh are a group of Viking Re-enactors, and the Society for Creative Anachronism is a organization for medieval enthusiats. I thought they both looked great in their costumes and enjoyed looking at their displays.

Sons of Lugh

Society for Creative Anachronism

Here are just some of the fabulous outfits at the event.

Gorgeous ladies.

Pirate puppy and his human.

Captain Jack stops for a refreshment.

I unfortunately can't remember this lovely lady's name, but I adore her outfit, and completely agree with her sentiment - just because it's Steampunk doesn't mean it has to be brown! So true.

I had a few people ask to take my photo as well, which was very nice. One photographer has a really neat business - he does 3D photography - very cool. Check out his site - Alivephotography .

Me, busting out the parasol.

All in all it was a lovely day out and I met some pretty cool peeps. I hope they are going to do another Swords and Sabres next year and am looking forward to the Steampunk picnic.
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  1. Sounds like a great time! And you look terrific! Although I think a hat would have been a perfect touch with that outfit.

  2. Marc from Alive Photography here, thanks for the plug and there has been a lot of comments on the 3D picture I took of you on Facebook. If you are interested in a personal shoot sometime, let me know.

  3. Cool - well done Luv. You were the best looking steam punk or pirate there!!

  4. Hey! I'm the gal in the black velvet dress with the burgundy criss cross ribbons. Thank-you for posting that picture. I've been reading the posts in your blog and I love your taste in everything. It's always nice to meet another EA fan!


  5. Not going to lie, the whole reason I made the outfit green and pink was to match a fan that I didn't end up bringing. Thank you for posting the pic.