Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fire at my Apartment block!

This week was a rather dramatic one, with an unexpected emergency suddenly thrust upon me. I was at work Wednesday afternoon when a co-worker came to see me and said "I don't mean to alarm you, but there's a fire on your street and I think it's your building." I started panicking for my two little fur babies Pippin and Percy. We quickly went to my street to see, and when I saw the fire trucks in front of my building I started running. Of course no one was allowed in and a cop took my info and said no they couldn't get my animals right now. But a fireman saw me crying and came over and asked where they were and their description and went in and brought them out! I'm so grateful! My bunny and guinea are safe!

Pippy investigates the new litter box.

Percy wants more food, of course.

Everyone got out of the building including the pets and no one was hurt, which is by far the most important part. But after going to a friend's house I realized I only had my pets, my purse and the clothes I wore to work. I had no idea if I'd lost everything or what.
As the need for a change of clothes and some toiletries was immediate, we went to a big box store for affordable items. Superstore (the Canadian equivalent of maybe ASDA in the UK) has a line of clothes called Joe Fresh which are horribly hipster. I was not hopeful. But I managed to find a black t shirt, tank, black skirt etc. At least a gothy disaster was averted.

A "Joe" example - eww. Lol

For two days I had no idea what my status was as far as my apartment or any of my belongings. On Friday afternoon I was finally allowed back in to assess the damage and grab what I could carry. Here's some photos of the inside of the building.


Apartment hallway

Close up of debris

Two of the apartments across the hall were destroyed. I briefly caught a glimpse inside one and I feel terrible for them, there's water and smoke damage and debris everywhere. The main apartment hallway (seen above) had wet carpeting and debris and smelled like smoke. When I opened the door to my place though it was like nothing at all happened!!! There was no smoke damage, no water damage, nothing! It was all as if I'd left for work that day. I couldn't believe my luck! I didn't even get any water in from the hallway because of my welcome mat. My Mum bought it for me a few Christmas ago, it's ordered from the BBC website and says "Mind the Gap" on it. It fits right in front of my door and sopped up the water. Thanks Mum!

My amazing doormat!

So I won't be home for weeks but at least I am okay, I have my furry pets, and I even have my art project and clothes. My friend's and family have been so awesome and supportive too during this time. They are the best!
I was going to participate in Amy's 30 Day Clothing challenge (from Stripey Tights and Dark Delights) the first one being to take a picture of your closet. I guess I'll just have to take a photo of my suitcase. ;)

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  1. I was absolutely horrified when I started reading this. You poor dear!!! I am so very thankful that your fur babies were protected...and am also very pleased that your items were left unaffected. I too have a fear of what would happen to the fur babies in such an event. Sorry your living situation has been disturbed but I am so very happy that your okay, those you care for are well, and your lovely items are there for you. So relieved. I send you love and prayers as you deal with the disruption though. Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. Wow, what a completely trying week you have had! I'm so glad you and your furry friends were safe (as well as everyone else in the building) but that is an especially sweet plus that there was no damage to your apartment and your personal items. So glad you're all right!

    Good luck with the mess that will probably go on as you remain homeless. At least you do have loving people who are willing to help you out. :)

    I think a pic of your suitcase would be cool- at least showing fashion needs on the go as you have had to do. :)

  3. Thank godness you and your bunnies are okay and that no one got hurt in the fire.

  4. I'm so glad that everything turned out alright. :) When are you going to be allowed back inside?

  5. WOW!!! You got very, very lucky. Looks like you have a time of transition ahead, but imagine how much worse it could have been. Best wishes to you for a speedy return home!!