Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shopping - Mall Haul

This past weekend I went shopping with my Mum, little sister Jenn, and my brother's girlfriend. Us girls get together every month or two to go for lunch and do a little shopping. My sister and my brother's girlfriend are both pregnant, so we looked at a lot of baby and maternity things this time around. I did however manage to find a few things more towards my taste.
First, I desperately need new shoes after my beloved Demonia sandals fell apart. The BF glued them back together, but I know it's just a stopgap measure. I managed to find these sandals, which while not Demonias, are an acceptable style.

They have a bit of a heel and a platform too which I really like.

I also tried out these new nail polish strips. They're sort of like stickers you put on your nails, but they are made out of nail polish, so they come off with remover. They're in all sorts of different patterns, and I tried the fishnet design.

I was hoping they were clear, rather than goldish colored. I wanted to paint my nails red, and then put the fishnet pattern over top. I think that would look better. Supposedly these strips last longer than regular nail polish, but they're chipped on a couple of fingers already.

In the book store I picked up this fabulous mug, which reminds me of England, and makes me think of my grandparents, who were young parents during WWII.

And finally, I picked up this awesome rubber duck, who's fabulousness must be viewed rather than described.

YouTube Video

Isn't it brilliant!

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    Those nail strips are all right. Not terrific, but not bad either. I've tried the lace-pattern one-looked more pixelated than anything else.

    I've also nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  2. I think I know where you got that duck - the saleslady lured Eric farther into the place than he would go with the promise of a cool duck. Which reminds me that I said we could get it the next time we were in the store. O_o

    Lovely shoes, my dear. I have some shoes I neeeeeeed to show you, as well. They're Steampunk! Well, sort of.