Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bath and Bodyworks Christmas scent review

As you may have realized from past posts I am a fan of some of Bath and Bodywork's products. Their Christmas season line is out, so I went and purchased some, and here's a review of what I found.


This one was by far my favourite scent out of the whole line. It has a yummy vanilla scent. It makes me think of cupcakes! I really like the packaging as well, it's very Yuleish. I stocked up on the shower gel and the lotion as they has some great sales on. I definitely recommend this one.


This one smells like apples as the title denotes. It says candy apple on it, but I don't detect candy in the scent, just apples. It's my second favourite. I just got the hand lotion for now, but might get more later. I would recommend this one as well.


This one smells of pink grapefruit, which is alright but doesn't seem very Christmasy to me. If you like grapefruit though, this would be nice, it's just not my taste.


I couldn't quite figure out what this smelled like, so of anyone knows, please leave a comment. I
Was the least keen on this one, but it wasn't terrible either.

Twisted Peppermint

I actually didn't see this in the store, just on the website. I do like peppermint, so am eager to check this one out on my next visit.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I work at a skin care company and it annoys me a lot why they are not doing limited editions for halloween and christmas. But in the other hand I know how much work a new product means :P. They look lovely in a vintage style.

  2. I love Vanilla Bean Noel! Also Frosted Snowberry smells mostly just like berries mixed with perfume to me. Not exactly my favorite either.