Saturday, December 15, 2012

13 Small Happy Things

There is a stereotype out there that "goths are depressed". Personally I know this isn't true, as I'm not, and most goths I know aren't either. There is a tendency though, not just with us darker types, but even in the larger society to encourage cynicism and negativity. People who are happy are sometimes portrayed as stupid or naive, while those more pessimistic are thought of as more intellectual.

I personally don't buy this, as it actually takes effort to be happy and focus on the positive. I was reading recently about a psychological study where they found that those that labelled themselves as happy and those that said they were unhappy, had generally just as many good and bad events happen to them. It was which events they focused on in their lives that determined how happy or unhappy they were. (This does not refer to clinical depression, which is a serious mental health issue).
It can also be hard to be positive when bad things happen to us, or when we read of terrible events happening in the news. It is normal and natural to be saddened and angered by such things. It is important to remember in the face of such events, how precious life is, and what's really important, like friends and family. It is also important to remember the little things that make us happy.
In that spirit here is a list of 13 small things that make me happy to be alive.

1.Kittens - isn't this one adorable?

2. Narwhals - a unicorn and a whale combined! A universe that contains such a thing clearly cannot be all bad. This one is quite grumpy.

3. Classic My Little Ponies. I had this one when I was a kid. It's name was Parasol.

4. Speaking of which - parasols are pretty awesome too. I got one like this last Christmas from my lovely BF.

5. Speaking of which - Christmas in pretty amazing. One of my favourite foods at this time of year is the much maligned fruit cake. So yummy!

6. Gingerbread Lattes!

7. Snowy days - I love winter!

8. And on snowy days it's great to curl up with a good book like anything Austin or Bronte.

9. Or Harry Potter

10.Paint. I love getting new art supplies!

10. Egyptian gods - so regal and ancient.

11. I also am very inspired by Medieval art. The picture below is awesome because not only is it beautiful, but it also includes a catapult!

12. Gothic cathedrals - rib vaults and flying buttresses, oh my!

13. Tombstones with angels on them. I find them strangely comforting.

What are some of your favourite things?

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    Narwhals are cool, but disagree about Wuthering Heights. I do approve of the Bronte sisters, just not Wuthering Heights. :-P

    Thanks for sharing some uplifting happiness!

  2. Uhh. Wuthering Heights does not make me happy at all. But kittens- Yes! And my dogs. OMG, they are the best happines-bringers ever! So cute and funny. And the nature. Sometimes I think I don't want to die because there will be no nature. I love leaves. Feeling their texture. Lying on the grass and embracing the earth. Riding a horse and feeling its strength and grace. Feeling the water flowing through my hands...

  3. My favourite things? here's 4
    1 - riding my old Harley on a warm evening on a deserted twisty road, with you.
    2 - the fat, smooth sound of a vintage Gibson Les Paul.
    3 - Waking up at the farm-house with the sound of the wind in the trees coming through the open window.
    4 - a cool evening walk with you, around our neighbourhood.