Saturday, December 8, 2012

Is There A Movement Away From Goth? And A Goth-tastic 2013

Lately in some of the blogs I have been reading, some of the authors have been moving away from using the "goth" label. In some this seems to be mainly in name mostly. I think the first I read was Le Professeur Gorhique,s blog, where she found her style had evolved into a more general dark direction, including a definite gothabilly bent. You can check out her new blog Professor Z'a Cabinet of Curiosities . Another one was The Ultimate Goth Guide, which is a really wonderfully written blog about the goth subculture. The articles are thoughtful and well researched, and it helped inspire me to start blogging. I have to admit I was saddened to see the author of such an lovely goth blog , decide that she no longer identified with with subculture, at least not as much as she used to.
You can check out her new blog here, Bohemian Bloomers, which is also well written as one would expect.

Random cemetery pic.
Then I thought more about it. We all grow and change. Sometimes we grow into goth (or whatever subculture) and sometimes we grow away from it. We all need to find ourselves at times, and we all do it in different ways.
This theme has been popping up too in my everyday life - people trying to find themselves. For some it seems that they are going through a time when life is very "blah". Nothing much is happening and things they thought would bring them happiness aren't. I know for myself, the last three years have brought a lot of changes like a separation and divorce, that made me reassess who I am and rediscover myself.
This made me reconnect with my gothy self which over my early thirties I had somewhat gotten away from (though never entirely).
Reconnecting with myself and the things I loved and discovering new things has made me a lot happier and I feel like my life is getting back into alignment.

Me looking goofy
Thinking about this and inspired by the two blogs mentioned above, (and especially by Batfit, which I'm glad to see our amazing professor is continuing into 2013), I thought about doing a gothy happiness project for the new year. Small weekly things that helped me reconnect and feel generally more joyful. I thought I would call it
"Goth-tastic 2013" with weekly assignments. If people chose to participate they wouldn't have to do all of them (unless they wanted), they could just do the ones that spoke to them.
I mean we should all feel free to be ourselves and be happy whatever label we use or don't.
In this spirit I hope you will check out these new blogs and join me in having a freaky fabulous 2013. :)

A random pic of a black kitten. What could be more adorable!
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  1. I like your idea of "Goth-tastic 2013".

    As for growing in or out of the subculture, it took me a long while to finally, fully embrace gothdom myself. The seeds had always been there, but for one reason or another I looked everywhere else *but* the subculture to try and figure out what I needed to properly connect with myself. It took the synchronization of a number of events I could have never planned for me to settle into it. Only at that time did I realize how wonderful it was simply not have to *try* to be anything. In the end, maybe that is really what it's all about - finding that mental, emotional, and creative space where we don't have to pretend or even really try at all. No matter where that place is, it ultimately does result in "reconnect[ing] and feel[ing] generally more joyful." Only good can come from choosing to focus on that come the new year.

  2. Thank you for the mention and your lovely comments! <3 I will definitely be participating and look forward to it very much. :-D

  3. Thanks. :) I am looking forward to reading of your new adventures. <3

  4. A gothy happiness project sounds like just the ticket! Focus on what you love, whatever that may be!

    It is refreshing too, to see that people want to change something that they do feel stagnant in at the moment. It's sad that they felt stagnant, but it can also give me hope that people can change so openly. One always reserves the right to change one's mind. :)

  5. What a nice idea! In my teens I was a classical old school goth and turned to be a rockabilly girl for a decade. After I got my children I transformated back to the black again. I feel comfortable in it and I don't feel I have to behave or dress in a precise way to call myself goth, I enjoy the old goth music as well as newer bands and other genres.

  6. I personally would love to participate in this! This sounds like a fun and revitalising project. Love Lilly xxx

  7. GothBarbie has left a new comment on your post "Is There A Movement Away From Goth? And A Goth-tas...":

    This post was really timely for me - just having read a few entries on Amy's new less-Goth blog and feeling a little sad about people feeling constrained by my favorite subculture. I'm glad you're celebrating Goth this year! I wonder why the word Goth is so heavy for some people...

    For me - I know that Goth/ Industrial clubs are the only clubs I'll ever have fun in. I'll never stop loving the music and black looks good on everyone! Let's CELEBRATE!

  8. I feel like these days I am moving more back towards gothic tastes, as part of a re-evaluation that I do truly like these things as a more mature adult. I think as adults we can appreciate the choice to choose to like certain elements of the culture and not feel we HAVE to like certain things and dislike others to fit into the scene as we may feel when we are younger.

    I am also a bit of a nerd, so I love learning about the history of the Gothic, from the early architecture and literature, to the music and the present day. Catherine Spooner's book on this was great, and I believe she is writing an updated version.

    My gothic interests also seem to mesh well with my Steampunk life, too. I am and will always be a Neo-Victorian girl.