Saturday, March 23, 2013


The first day of Spring was on Wednesday, although it doesn't really feel like that here on the prairies. On Monday we got a March snowstorm, with 10cm of snow and -20 temperatures. Here's what it looked like.

Not very spring like. It usually doesn't feel like spring here until April though. Oddly though, there are some buds popping up between the snow and the house.

On Thursday I celebrated Ostara with friends. We feasted and celebrated even though its cold and snowy out.

Our spring chocolate chickens.

Me dancing with the smarties chickens.

Our feast! We tried to balance out the candy with vegetables.

I hope everyone is having a good spring with better weather than us. :)

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  1. We live on the Prairies too, and our weather has also been very unspring-like, as well! The only good thing about snow this time of year is knowing it's not going to stay on the ground very long.

    Love your HD t-shirt - it looks very Old School! Mmmmm, hot cross buns ... :o)

  2. Your weather seems to be muck like ours in sweden (the part were I live). It's still winter here but the days are longer.

  3. Wow, I am a bit jealous of the snow, I have only experienced snow once! It is in between spring and winter here and we are getting some ghastly humidity, so I would be glad of the snow! The Ostara celebration sounds wonderful!