Saturday, March 30, 2013

Steampunk calendar photo shoot

This past Wednesday, I had the honour of being part of a photo shoot for a steampunk themed calendar. It's to raise funds for a local show about subcultures in Winnipeg called Subgenres Winnipeg. As such we don't want to leak any of the shots, but I have some photos from backstage.

Me getting ready.

The beautiful Tiffany trying different outfits on.

I can't remember this young lady's name unfortunately, but I love this outfit.
The shoot was at The Prairie Dog Central, an old steam train, that you can ride in the summer time. Right now it's in storage. Here are some of the trains.

Last month we also did a photo shoot at the Dalnavert House, a museum which I've written about before in past blog posts. Again here are some of the backstage shots.

Tiffany dressed in here finery.

Me and Natasha, the lovely host of Subgenres. :)

One of the participants, Athena is pregnant and has tiny goggles for her new addition! So cute.

Both shoots were lots of fun! I'll post a link to the calendar when it's finished.

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  1. That's great! I really want to be in a Steampunk photoshoot sometime! Maybe I will arrange one with some other Steampunk people! I need more outfits anyhow! The show about the subcultures sounds good, it would be good to have more positive shows about subcultures.

  2. What a cutie, by the steamtrain!!
    Well done Love! (D)

  3. Those tiny goggles are supercute! I really like the steampunk aesthetic, but I have yet to collect some items to create some outfits with.