Monday, April 22, 2013


So I'm a little late for the monthly homework assignment. For some reason I thought it was due on the 22nd! My apologies.
I have to say spring, at least early spring is my least favourite time of year. The snow is melting and really shows all the sand from gritting the roads. Once beautiful white is now brown and gray, and their is a dusty film everywhere - yuk. The only good thing is it will eventually melt and the brown grass and bare trees will turn green.
Spring is rather late here on the Canadian prairies this year though. Winter generally lasts November - March, a good 5 months at least. By April though we usually start to see the snow melting, and by mid month it is usually gone. Not this year! It's been colder than usual and we've had more snow.
I did buy some new spring gear though. I found a cute skirt and long black tank dress at Sirens, a mall store. They usually have fare I wouldn't go for, but this season are carrying a line of decidedly "nu-goth" inspired clothes. If you're into nu-goth or pastel goth you might want to check it out.
I also got a smashing pair of faux alligator skin wellingtons at Walmart of all places.
Check out my skirt and wellies.

And here's me in my spring outfit on another snowy day yesterday.

Hopefully your spring is a little warmer and greener!

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  1. It's not snowing in Korea right now...but it's not exactly "warm" either. Well, at least you look cute in your snow-clothes!

    1. Thanks. :) Hope you are having a lovely spring over there.