Sunday, June 2, 2013

Red and Black Week - Nails!

For day 1 of Red and Black week, I'm featuring red and black nail polish combinations. The first look is when my black nail polish
starts to chip. Instead of starting over again, I make it last a little longer by putting a stripe of red at the top, like a red and black manicure.

I did this with the following polishes.

Wet and Wild Fantasy black with sparkles, in a cool Halloween gravestone bottle, Sally Hansen Extreme in Red Carpet and a clear nail polish.

The second look is a flat black with a red sparkle over it.

It's made with these nail polishes.

Rimmel black, Wet and Wild Fantasy Makers red sparkle and clear nail polish.

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  1. This is a smart way to extend the life of a manicure! I think I have that same Sally Hansen red. :). I've never tried the Wet & Wild Fantasy line. How do you like it? Does it last fairly well?

  2. Very pretty nails. I used to have the Wet 'n' Wild fantasy nail polish in Black. It was my first Goth make-up purchase in high school. It was goopy and awful and I loved it, mostly because it came in a tombstone bottle.

  3. Red tips on black! That takes me back to when I first started doing it in high school. :) Ahhh, memories! I haven't painted my nails in ages because of Steamparakeet biting them.