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How to Conduct a Seance

With Halloween upon us, it's time for all things spooky and creepy. It's also a great time of year to connect with the dead. In the Celtic calendar Halloween (known then as Samhain) was the time of year when the veil between this and the otherworld were said to be the thinnest, and the dead could cross over and connect with the living. So in the spirit if the season, why not add a supernatural twist to the day and hold a seance?

- First decide if you are going to contact loved ones in particular, or just see who is around.
- Set the atmosphere. Low light like candlelight is best for seances. Traditionally three candles in a triangle pattern are placed on the table. A round or oval table works best. You might want to put out food or flowers as offerings. If you are trying to contact certain individuals, you might pick items that would appeal to their taste.
- Consider what methods you will use. You could use traditional ones like using a medium, spirit board, or table turning, or modern methods like certain ghost apps, or using a tape recorder to capture EVPs (electronic voice projection).
- Consider who you are inviting. It is not a good idea for those with severe mental health issues, or who might be impaired by substances to participate. Also those who might be easily frightened or conversely those who would mock the event.

The Seance
- Seat everyone around the table. If using a medium, they will be the leader and speak on behalf of the dead. Even if you don't have an experienced medium, it's good for someone to be the leader to guide the event along.
- It is good to start the session with a prayer and grounding ones self. You may also wish to cast a circle of white light of protection around the participants to keep out any harmful energy.
- Participants start by holding hands, and the leader will ask the spirits to join them. If asking for specific individuals, call them by name. Something like "______" we ask you to join us today. Please make your presence known." You may wish to specify if you would like a certain number of knocks for yes and no etc.
- The medium may go into a trance and channel the spirit itself and answer questions directly.
- If not using a medium, but a method like table turning or a spirit board, have all the participants place their fingers lightly in the tabletop or planchette and take turns asking questions.
- If you do not get any response at first, or at all, don't get discouraged, keep asking questions. It may not be the right time if nothing happens.
- Always be respectful and polite when speaking to the dead, just as you would to any living guest.
- If you get a message that feels negative or scary, or anyone gets frightened, stop the session, don't push them to continue.

- If using more modern methods like a tape recorder, place it on the table and press record and ask questions. Play it back later and see if you get a response.
- There are also various ghost apps you can get for your phone that supposedly detect the presence of ghosts. Experiment and see if any work for you. I use Ghost Radar, it seems to work, but I retain a healthy skepticism.
- You can also use these in addition to the other methods above.

-When ready to end the session, hold hands and thank the spirits for joining you and wish them well.
-Say a prayer and ground and blow out the candles. If you cast a circle you should open it now.
-it's a good idea after to have food and drink to further ground the participants. This will bring everyone back to a regular state of mind.

What are your thoughts on holding a seance?

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