Saturday, November 16, 2013

Goth for the Holidays

With Halloween now passed, the holiday season will soon be fully upon us. For a lot of fellow goths Halloween is their favourite time of year, but for me it's the Christmas/Yuletide season. I love Halloween too, but for me there has always been something magical about this time of year. I love that it gets dark earlier, the Christmas lights, the decorations, rich food and getting together with family and friends.
So how can you add a little gothic flare to the holiday season?

The Christmas Tree

The centre piece of the holidays is often the tree. Why not go for a non traditional colour like purple, or black? White can also be quite striking when coupled with black ornaments.


You can also add gothic touches to your tree with ornaments like these sparkly crows. You can even go all like this Nightmare Before Christmas themed tree.

Colour Themes

Mixing black with purple, or red or even green, can keep things festive while still adding a dark charm to your decor.

Holiday Wear

At this time of year clothing retailers put out their holiday wear often featuring velvets and satins in black and jewel tone colours. You can find great simple velvet dresses like the one above and dress it up with gothy accessories. I often lament that at this time of year when I've spent my money on gifts, is when I see more clothes I like. I guess I'll have to wait until the Boxing Day and January sales.


You can also add a spooky touch to your holiday baking like making these skeleton gingerbread men.
I think too that holiday treats like dark chocolate, red wine, and rich foods adds an elegant and romantic flare to the season.

How do you goth up the holiday season?

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  1. These are great suggestions! I love those gingerbread men! Sooo cute! I need some spooky cookie cutters!

  2. What a lovely post! I too like the magic of Winter as much as Autumn and Samhain/Halloween. :) Thanks to your post, I'm deffinately gonig to make those skeleton gingerbread men!

  3. Very creative, elegant, and lovely ideas. I think people forget that one of the few perks of Christmas being such a heavily commercialized holiday is that it gives a bigger variety when it comes to decorations. There is very little excuse not to have your personal touch on the holiday.

  4. Red wine and velvet. Sounds like my kind of year. :3

  5. I will definitely make some skelly gingerbread men :)
    I always try to dress the cristmas tree in a special theme. By hollowing out a light bulb and making it to an ornament, I got the idea of making my own victorian style tree this year.