Saturday, November 23, 2013

Winter Goth Wear

Winter is here now on the Canadian Prairies. It came on Sunday with 3 inches of snow, and yesterday I went out in a bone chilling -21 C (after wind chill). We went in the space of a week from fall to instant full on winter. While I could do without the excessive cold, I do like the snow. It just adds to the festive season.
For those of you who live in colder climates, like me, this is the time of year to dress in layers. But keeping from freezing does not mean you have to lose your style!

Wether it's a full jumper, a cardigan or a cozy hoody, sweaters can really help keep you warm on those cold days. There's such a variety too. You can go for a simple striped number, get one with skulls or bats on it, a plain classic black one, or a skeletal inspired one like this.

Socks and Tights

Sometimes it is so cold you have no choice but to wear something substantial like jeans. But if it's not sub-arctic temperatures you can opt for thicker tights or leggings or even layer them which can add demention to your outfit. Even when wearing jeans you can still add a gothic flare with your socks.

If there's one piece to invest in for the winter it's a good coat. Go for something that you love, as you'll be sporting it a lot. Make sure it's well lined and I'd suggest a good hood for windy or snowy days. Now days with online shopping it's even easier to find a great piece. Plus, this season many designers have gone for a more "gothy" look. Check out these great coats below.

You can even find whimsical ones.


The other must have winter item is a good pair of boots. In more temperate climates you may be able to get away with your Demonias or New Rocks, but where I live it won't cut it most winter days. You should opt for something with traction and a good lining. It can be challenging to find something that isn't too bulky. I did spy these online, and I think they look pretty good and with the furry lining quite cozy.

I'm not a huge fan of toques, but again practicality sometimes outweighs freezing your ears off. There's lots of variety in winter hats. I suggest shopping for them around Halloween as you can usually find spooky themes ones.

Scarves are really trendy right now (and have been for a few years). I've been seeing those infinity scarves (I think that's what they are called) everywhere. I've seen black ones of course and ones with skull patters on them. You can also go for a traditional knitted scarf, or a lighter silky fabric for warmer climates.

Mitts and Gloves
This is another item I usually shop for around Halloween so I can get some spooky themed gloves like the ones below.

But when it gets down to -10 or so I have to pull out the mittens. I usually layer gloves inside mittens for those really cold days.

Another more elegant and dressy option is the old fashioned muff. It looks very cozy, but I'm not sure about it's practicality.

What do you wear to cope with winter in your area?

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  1. I would love to have a muff, my hands are always very cold. You could use this one as a hadbag also, I suppose. I use legwarmers with my leggings and lots of layers. Skirts and petticoats with leggings are actually warmer than jeans. Those fluffy layers gives a insulating effect.

  2. Hii winter stuff! I love everything <3