Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Antlers everywhere!

This past year I've been noticing the increasing popularity of antler headbands. I started seeing few here and there but now it seems to be everywhere. From high fashion, to the popularity of the "faun" look for Halloween, everyone seems to want to look like they just stepped out of the forest.

I'm not sure where this exactly started, but I personally noticed it first on lolita sites. Bringing in elements of natural kei and mori, the antlers were another way to add these elements to an outfit. With the addition of flowers and bright colours, it made the antlers cute and feminine.

Then I started noticing it on the hipster scene. It seemed to go along with the craze for feathers that started a few years ago. It's so popular I even found a pic of Mary Kate/Ashley (I'm not sure which) sporting an antlered headband.

There's also been a fair amount in high fashion as well. Just check out these outfits.

Finally I've seen it incorporated into bridal outfits. You know it's mainstream when it becomes a bridal accessory.

Personally I like the style, but am partial to smaller ones for regular wear. What are your thoughts? Is it over played? Or do you like it?

What are your thoughts on the antler trend. Overplayed? Or cute?

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  1. I really do think they're beautiful and can add elegance and a bit of fairytale to any outfit.

  2. That looks interesting. Perfect for photo shoot, but I can't imagine to wear it everyday ;) Reminds me of the Polish saying: replace someone horns (what means: betray someone) - but maybe it sound the same in English?

  3. I think the next step is just to wear branches on your head, progressing to bell jars full of moths :)

  4. oh... i think it's a great look... for an special outfit horns are perfect... but not for every day...

    The bridal outfit with the horn-accessoire is really special and i like it... it looks really good...