Monday, February 17, 2014

Things That Make My Heart Sing

I'm a little late with this assignment, brought to us by The Curious Proffesor Z . But here is the February assignment - What makes my heart sing.
1. My friends and family of course, especially my lovely boyfriend. He is an amazing partner, and makes every day happier and better. Below are some of the roses he gave me for Valentines - what a sweety!

2. My bunny. On a sad note, my pet bunny Pippin passed away suddenly last week. Of course I cried a lot and I miss him very much. I am glad for the almost 11 years with him and for all the lovely memories.

3. Art - I love to draw and paint, and have my second solo art show to prepare for next fall. I've always been inspired by medieval art, and right now I'm especially inspired by the Tres Riche Heures, one of the most beautiful illuminated manuscripts.

4. Reading - I always have books on the go, and lately I started reading the Game of Thrones series. I loved the TV show, so I thought I would start reading the books. I also can't wait for season 4 to start - squee!

5. Ghosts and the paranormal - I love cheesy ghost hunting shows. Everything from Most Haunted to Paranormal State, I find these shows entertaining and fascinating. Right now I have been watching Ghost Adventures frequently. I like that they have a sense of humour about themselves and aren't overly serious at times.

6. Tarot Cards - this goes in with my love of the paranormal some could say. I love the symbolism, and the art work, and I enjoy reading for others.

7. Chocolate - who doesn't love chocolate? With Valentines just passed and Easter approaching, there is a plethora of chocolate around. Yum.

8. Snowy and rainy days - these are my favourite days for snuggling up with a warm winter blanket and lighting candles and reading or writing. What could be cozier?

These are just a few things I enjoy. What about you?


  1. What a great list of things! I am sorry for the loss of your bunny! I had fun participating in it too! It is nice to realise how many things make you happy!

  2. Lovely post! Your Pippin went very old for being a bunny. He must had an good life at your place :) Our oldest is 6,5 years now.
    I also love to watch paranormal series.