Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tropical Adventure!

I apologize for not posting for a while. I do have a good excuse though - I was having a tropical adventure! The BF and I decided to
escape the polar temperatures of Canada, and go for a week to a resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. If you don't know where that is, it is near Cancun, in the south eastern part of Mexico, which is in the Yucatan peninsula, along the Caribbean Sea.

The beach at the resort.

I have to say that I have never done a winter holiday before, and never been to somewhere so hot. The furthest south I'd ever been before this, is Chicago - which is not very tropical at all.
Getting there was interesting as we saw the snow disappear after about an hour into the flight. Then when we flew over the Gulf of Mexico we saw oil platforms and cruise ships that looked so tiny!

The tiny white dot is a cruise ship

The resort we stayed at was lovely. It was all inclusive, so we could drink and eat whatever, whenever we wanted, and our room was right by the pool and steps away from the beach.

The view from the room - complete with a rainbow one day!

We spent our days walking on the beach, swimming in the pool, sitting around reading on the patio or on the beach, and drinking fruity drinks. It was so nice to wear flip flops in January and not have to put on a big parka. Also not having to do anything I particular was pretty amazing too.

Mmmm....fancy pastries.

The food was very yummy and it was nice to have a buffet with such a variety of choices. They would do different things on different nights as well so it wasn't always
the same. One night they had traditional tacos with lovely homemade tortillas - they are hands down the best tacos I've ever eaten.
The staff was really great and friendly as well, and I tried to learn a little Spanish too (when in Rome, as they say).

My view reading on the beach

We did take an excursion into the jungle one day to see some Mayan ruins at a place called Ek Balam. It was extremely hot though, so I got a little heat sick and didn't get tons of pics. The BF did better and climbed to the top of the pyramid! at least one of us did.

The pyramid at Ek Balam

After we were taken to a Mayan village where they served us traditional food. We then got to swim in a cenote, which is a cave with stalacies and stalagmites in it. We had to get blessed by a shaman first though, as they believe these caves are a portal to the underworld and that if you are not purified, bad spirits may attach themselves to you. It was very interesting, and the water was really refreshing and cured me of my heat sickness right away!

The cenote I swam in.

We also saw lots of animals on our trip that we don't get here in Canada. There were agoutis running around the resort, that are kind of like a large rat with no tail and long thin legs. There was also a coatimundi that is a little like a long tailed and nosed raccoon that begged for food. We saw some colourful tropical birds, and lots of vultures too.


And I can't forget the iguanas!

All in all it was a nice break from the winter and I enjoyed myself thoroughly! I will be back next week with more of my usual fare. :)

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  1. Oh dear, now I don't think my life will be complete until I have a swan pastry!

    The agoutis are cute too!

  2. Wow! What a great holiday all the photos looks so amazing. The cenote looks marvellous, that must have been an amazing experience.

  3. That was tons of fun and I look forward to our next travel adventure!! ((D))